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Basic Wedding Rings uses cookies. Cookies are used to improve the user-friendliness of the website. Basic Wedding Rings wants to guarantee your privacy and is responsible for the processing of your data as described in this cookie policy.


What are cookies?

When you visit our website simple text files will be saved on your computer or mobile device. These files are called cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is saved to, and, during subsequent visits, retrieved from your computer or mobile device. If you use our services, we will assume that you agree to the use of such cookie.

Cookies and other technologies are used in almost all websites. Their use can ensure that you do not repeatedly receive or have to enter the same information on every visit. By using cookies, we can ensure that your shopping cart is not empty directly upon leaving the site; it is kept for you. We can use cookies to improve the website by measuring how the website is used.

Java Scripts and web beacons are standard Internet technologies that along with cookies ensure that a system can collect information (Java Scripts), can store this in small, simple text files (cookies) and then can send (web beacons).


What kind of cookies exist and what are they used for?

There are cookies that are functional or necessary. These cookies help our website function properly. For example they are used for showing a message when there is a pending order, so you do not lose your products in the shopping cart. Your browser settings are stored so you can view our online store optimally on your screen. You have the option to save your login information so you do not have to re-enter it each time. The online store is evenly tasked, whereby it remains functional and accessible. It is possible to detect misuse or potential problems on our website, by, for example, registering a number of consecutive failed login attempts.

For use of functional or necessary cookies that have no or only limited consequences for your privacy, is no permission required. These cookies cannot be disabled.

Then there are more analytical cookies. With analytical cookies we collect statistics of the users of our website. These statistics give us insight into how often we are visited and where we can improve our website. In this way we ensure that the experience of our website can be constantly optimized. By measuring the website usage we can continue to improve it for the benefit of our users.


The data that is stored is for example:

  • The IP address that is made anonymously.
  • Technical characteristics such as the browser you are using (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or other) and the resolution of your computer screen.
  • From which page you were referred to the website.
  • When and how long you visit
  • If you used the functionalities of the website. For example, placing an order etc.
  • Which pages you visit on our website.


How do we use cookies?

  • We use permanent cookies to store your choice of start page and to store your details if you select “Remember me” when you log in.
  • We will also use cookies to save your favorite products when you add these to your wishlist.
  • We use session cookies for example when you use the product filtration function to check whether you are logged in or if you put an item in your shopping cart.
  • We use first-party cookies to collect statistics and user data in aggregate and individual form in analysis tools to optimize our site.
  • Some third-party cookies are set by services that appear on our pages and are not in our control. They are set by social media providers such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and relate to the ability of users to share content on this site, as indicated by their respective icon.


Social media cookies are features of social media websites. This includes a YouTube video or a ‘like’ button for Facebook. When you click a social media button on our website, a social media cookie will be stored. The social media party can recognize your IP address at the time that you want to share a part of our online store. For the cookies that the social media websites places and the data that they collect, we refer you to the statements made by these parties on their own websites. We recommend that you read the privacy and cookie statements of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram on a regular basis.


What types of personal data do we process?

We will only connect your cookie ID to your personal data submitted and gathered in relation to your account.


What is the legal ground to process your personal data?

We will only connect your cookies to your personal data if you are logged in to your Basic Wedding Rings account.

If you are logged in to your account the legal ground is based on our legitimate interest.


How long do we save your data?

Basic Wedding Rings does not save your personal data. You can easily erase cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser. You can choose to disable cookies, or to receive a notification each time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile device. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of all our features.


Closing remarks

We will adjust our statements when the rules regarding cookies change or when changes are made to our website.
This cookie policy was last modified on January 12, 2021.