Basic Wedding Rings

Our Story

A young couple on a mission

Born and bred in the Netherlands, Basic Wedding Rings has laid it’s foundations on the principle that basic is beautiful.
We are a young couple who believe in the beauty of basic. We have a true love for the finer things in life for less and our mission is basic: create an effortless, elegant and timeless design of the highest quality, but not for the highest price.

✰ Durable and everlasting ✰
We believe in creating jewelry that is durable and will last a lifetime. That is why we only use solid 14 and 18 carat gold in our collections.
A marriage is a life-long commitment, and your wedding ring should travel this journey with you for all those exciting years to come. Our materials and suppliers have been carefully chosen to remain affordable, but still assure you of only the best quality.


A new face on the scene

We design and craft all of our collections to order in our own atelier in The Netherlands. After a 3D drawing has been made of each piece, it is printed using our 3D printer and cast using a lost-wax casting method. The finishing touches are applied and each piece is hand polished to your desired finish and voila! Your perfect Basic has come to life.


Crafted for the modern soul with a love of all things basic
and a heart of gold.

We aim for simplicity amidst all the endless choices. We offer only endless elegance and effortless design which survives all trends and like your vows, is made to last a lifetime. Leaving you with only one choice to make: Should you wear your custom-made wedding ring by itself, or accompanied with another Basic beauty?


Mix and match

We strive to design basic wedding rings and matching jewelry which you can mix and match with all your favorite Basic pieces from each of our collections, making it both fun and easy to choose! 

Complete your look by combining a necklaceearrings, one of our stackable or eternity rings or a beautiful Basic bracelet

Our tip: Be creative. The possibilities are endless!


A passion for jewelry meets 3D design

Our atelier is equipped with a 3D printer so that next to printing all of our collections, we can create a complementary 3D dummy ring to make sure that your design is a perfect fit.



We know how difficult it is to buy a piece of jewelry without first seeing how it looks and how important this. That’s why we’ve come up with a perfect solution: JewelSee3D. After designing your ring in the configurator, you can choose to upload a photo of your hand in the final step and we will send you a photo of your hand wearing your designed ring via email or Whatsapp! JewelSee3D is also available for our other ring collections. Upload your photo and send us a message via the form on the custom-made page.

Find out more about JewelSee3D here.


Go effortless, Go Basic

At Basic Wedding Rings we know the struggle of too much choice in an already overwhelming world. That’s why we’ve made it both fun and easy to bring your perfect ring to life in our Configurator.


Cheap, you say?

Well, that’s simple! Next to being designed and crafted in our own atelier, all of our products are in line with the current gold price and are made of recycled gold. That way, we can provide you with the highest quality, for a low price! 


Be the artist in your own story

Your wedding ring is something unique, and what makes a moment more unique than to create it yourself.

We want to make our story, your story.