Basic Wedding Rings

Size Guide

Find your perfect ring size

All of our ring collections are available in different sizes and we make use of European ring sizing. Half sizes are also available.* The sizing starts at size 40 up to and including size 76. If you are not sure about your ring size, you can determine the correct size using the various options below.

There are several ways to determine the correct ring size:


Ring sizerMeasure an existing ring

The easiest way to determine your ring size is to measure a well-fitting ring. By placing a ring that you already wear along a ruler, you can determine the diameter in millimeters. Measure the diameter of the inside of the ring (do not include the rim). The number of millimeters is the ring size. Calculate your exact EU ring size using the table below. Do keep in mind that the ring you measure corresponds to the same finger on which your new ring will be worn. Ring size will also vary per hand.

Tip: If the inside of your ring measures 18mm, we advise you to choose the nearest smaller size, in this case EU ring size 56. If you are in between sizes, we advise you to choose a half size.*

*Half sizes are currently available to order directly online for all of our standard ring collections. Do you need a half size for a wedding ring in the configurator? Please contact us.

Ring sizer
Measure your ring size with a ring sizer

Our complimentary ring sizer is the most accurate way to determine your ring size. You can choose to order a ring sizer or download the print version via the button below.

Important: Make sure the printer is set to 100%.



Important things to keep in mind when measuring your ring size

✰ A wider ring fits tighter. We recommend that you measure a ring that corresponds to the ring width you wish to order.

✰ When measuring your ring size, take differences in temperature into account. Warm weather can cause your fingers to expand and cold weather will cause them to shrink slightly. Often your fingers are slightly thicker in the evening than in the morning. We recommend that you measure your ring size during several times of the day and to take the average of the measured sizes to be sure of the correct size.

✰ A wider knuckle may require a tighter ring that is somewhat difficult to push over the knuckle, but fits well on your finger.

✰ A ring should fit comfortably, so that you don’t feel it after putting it on.

✰ A ring should not be too tight, but also not too loose, to prevent you from losing it.


Size chart

Inner diameter in mmRing size EUUKUS
12,740B 1/2 – C1 1/4 – 1 1/2
1341C 1/2 – D1 3/4 – 2
13,342D 1/22 1/4
13,743E2 1/2
14,345F 1/2 – G3 1/4 – 3 1/2
14,646G 1/2 – H3 3/4 – 4
14,947H 1/24 1/4
15,348I4 1/2
15,649J4 3/4
15,950K5 1/4
16,351L5 3/4
16,652L 1/2 – M6 – 6 1/4
16,953M 1/2 – N6 1/2
17,254N 1/26 3/4
17,856P7 1/2
18,257P 1/27 3/4
18,558Q 1/28 1/4
18,859R8 1/2
19,160R 1/2 – S8 3/4 – 9
19,461S 1/2 – T9 1/4 – 9 3/4
19,762T 1/210
20,163U 1/210 1/2
20,464V10 3/4
20,765W11 1/4
2166W 1/211 1/2
21,367X 1/211 3/4
2269Z 1/212 3/4


All our bracelets are adjustable in 3 different lengths so that you can adjust the length to your liking. For the For The Little Souls baby and children’s bracelets collection we have 2 different, adjustable options for ages 0-12 years. For our matching women’s bracelets we also have 2 different, adjustable options for ages from 12 years. It is not always the case that your wrist size corresponds to the above age categories. Therefore, first measure your wrist properly on the basis of the tips below.


Measure the circumference of your wrist

If you do not have an existing bracelet to measure, you can also measure the circumference of your wrist. Measuring the correct bracelet size is easiest with a tape measure or a piece of string which you place next to a ruler. When using a piece of string, it is easiest to draw a line where the string overlaps. Make sure that the tape measure or piece of string is not too tight. Measure the circumference of your wrist where you would normally wear a bracelet: this is your bracelet size.

The size of your bracelet also depends on your personal preference. For example, if your bracelet size is 17cm and you want a tighter fitting bracelet, we advise you to take a size medium. This size is adjustable between 15-17cm. If you want a bracelet that fits a bit looser, you could consider a larger size, in this example 17cm, with an adjustable size between 18-20 cm. Please note that the diamond will rotate with a looser bracelet. Keep this in mind when choosing the right size. We recommend a tighter fitting bracelet so that your diamond fits perfectly on top of your wrist!


Already have a bracelet that fits?

Do you already have a bracelet that fits well? In this case, spread your bracelet lengthwise along a ruler and measure the number of centimeters: this is your bracelet size. This tip is also useful if your bracelet is a gift. If you don’t have a bracelet to measure and it is a gift, we advise you to keep to the measurements for the product in the correct age category.


Children’s bracelets

You also have to measure the wrist circumference for children’s sizes. Please follow the steps above. If it is a gift, we advise you to keep to the measurements for the product in the correct age category.