Basic Wedding Rings

Product care

Complimentary BWR polishing cloth

To ensure that your jewelry always looks as good as new, we supply a complementary Basic Wedding Rings polishing cloth with your order. This special cloth removes dirty surfaces caused by fingerprints, oils, tarnish, dirt, scratches and removes dullness. By giving your jewelry a quick buff it will shine in no time! Once in a while, your jewelry will need a more intensive cleaning treatment. We’ve supplied you with a few of our best tips to ensure that your jewelry never loses its sparkle.

Gold jewelry and diamonds

Our collections consist of gold and diamonds of the finest quality. However, over time, your pieces will need a little extra care and attention to make them shine again as new. So give your Basic beauties the love they deserve so that you can wear them with pleasure every day and pass them on to future generations!

Here are some useful tips to help keep your jewelry looking beautiful!

✰ Only wear your jewelry during the day and keep it safe and secure in our specially designed complimentary jewelry boxes.
✰ Take off your jewelry when putting on make-up, perfume, cream or oil.
✰ We also recommend that you take off your jewelry when you take a bath, shower, or when you go swimming.
✰ Clean your jewelry carefully with warm water and washing-up liquid using a soft brush (toothbrush).
✰ Avoid bleach and other cleaners that can cause discoloration.
✰ Pearls need a special treatment! (see our tips below)

In addition to cleaning your beautiful Basic jewelry, we also offer a special service as part of our BWR guarantee. Find out more here.


Pearls are a beautiful phenomenon and require a little extra special care. We thought it would be both useful and fun to give you a few facts about the pearl and why we have chosen saltwater Akoya and Tahiti pearls in our collections.

✰ Saltwater pearls are always beautifully round in shape.
✰ The most famous among the saltwater pearls, which we also use in our collections, are the Japanese Akoya pearls and the grey, black and mystical green colored Tahiti pearls.
✰ Akoya pearls are mainly grown in Japan and are cultivated in the Akoya pearl oyster.
✰ Tahiti pearls derive their name from the place they are cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia, around Tahiti.

In our FAQ under jewelry and materials you will find the most important differences between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls.

View our tips below on how to best take care of your precious pearls!

✰ Pearls cannot tolerate chemicals that are present in perfume, hairspray and chlorinated water, for example. Dishwashing water also affects the shine and color of the pearl.
✰ We recommend that you take off your pearls when you put on make-up, perfume, cream or oil.
✰ We also recommend that you take off your pearls when you take a bath, shower or go swimming.
✰ The organic material that holds the different layers of pearl together can dry out. Exposure to heat for a longer period of time can have a negative effect on both the color and the shine of pearl. Take off your pearls when you go to a sauna or lie in the sun for a longer period of time.
✰ Akoya and Tahiti pearls literally come to life! Pearls long to be worn. Nourishing moisture from the skin keeps pearls soft and lustrous. The more you wear these special pearls, the more beautiful they become. 
✰ A pearl can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Wiping with a bit of alcohol removes grease and dirt.
✰ Pearls have a soft and delicate surface. To prevent scratches, make sure that your pearls do not touch other jewelry when you store them. To be on the safe side, use the specially supplied box.

Treasure your Basic beauty!